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  • Hingemate Door Hinge Security Pins / Screws / Stud, 3-Pack Kit

    Hingemate Hingemate Door Hinge Security Pins / Screws / Stud, 3-Pack Kit

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    Hingemate's™ Have been protecting doors since 1989. Invented and Manufactured in the USA IF YOUR DOORS SWING OUTWARD THIEVES KNOW THEY CAN REMOVE THE HINGE PINS IN SECONDS TO GAIN ENTRY!  Hingemate™ Security pins are easily installed with basic tools on both wood and steel doors. Remove one hinge screw from each of the three hinges on the frame side of the door and install one Hingemate™ Security Pin in it's place, bore out he opposing screw hole after removing the screw for a simple installation.  When a thief removes the hinge pins from the outside, the Hingemate Security Pins stay deeply engaged into the opposing hinge leaf and door frame. Doors can be pried but the Hingemate™ Security Pins unique hardened design will keep thieves from entering the home or business without making a great deal of noise, noise is their number one concern! - Great for residential entry french doors or other outswing doors. - Each Hingemate™ kit includes 3 Hingemate™ pins and installation instructions. - Hingemate™ uses two different threads a 12-24 machine thread for steel doors & 10-16 Type AB wood thread   for wood doors. - Hingemate™ pins are Hardened Zinc plated steel "STRONGER THAN STAINLESS STEEL"  - Install with a # 2 Phillips head for easy driving by hand or power driver. - NOTE: Not all door hinges are exact in construction. Installation on some doors may require the mating hole to be   a little larger to accommodate the swing of the door.


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