Fletcher 8" Running and Nipping Pliers

  • $19.99

    • GLASS PLIERS: These useful pliers are designed to break out or nip glass up to 1/4" thick (6.35 mm). Fletcher-Terry glass breaker pliers are great for every DIY project, making them a necessary addition to your glass-cutting tool kit.
    • 2 TOOLS IN 1: This convenient hand-held tool can easily convert to a nipper or break-out plier depending on what you need. Use them to cleanly release your pre-scored piece from its surrounding glass, tile, or similar material.
    • INTERCHANGEABLE JAWS: With multiple jaw options, you'll have the perfect tool that can be adapted to just about any breakout or nipping job. Available in a blister-style package.
    • VERSATILE: Get these stained-glass and mosaic supplies and you'll be equipped to embark on any DIY or professional glass-art endeavor with confidence. Whether you are compiling the perfect starter set or are a seasoned glass worker, you'll be able to recognize this tool's usefulness.
    • HOW TO USE: To run any pre-cut score, align the line with the bottom of the glass and gently squeeze. If you've made a good fissure, the tool should break the glass away cleanly.

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