Nuk3y Azure Grade 2 Commercial Leverset

  • $42.99

    • HEAVY duty ANSI/BHMA A156.2 Grade 2 Certified commercial leverset for either right or left handed doors
    • BACKSET - include 2-3/8" AND 2-3/4" backset latch to work for all standard doors
    • FIRE RATED UL latch for up to 3 hours ; ASA strike; ADA Compliant
    • CLUTCH vandal resistant with freewheeling lever for extra security.(Only for Entry and Storeroom Function)
      • Entry (Dual function)
        • Push button - lock the outside lever until its unlocked by key or turning the inside lever.
        • Push-&-Turn button will covert function into storelock, which require key to open from outside until inside push button is manually unlocked.
      • Privacy
        • Push button - Lock the outside lever until its unlocked by turning inside lever. To unlock from outside during emergency, insert flat pin or flathead screw driver in access hole. 
      • Passage
        • Always free from both side at all time. 
      • Storeroom
        • Always lock from outside lever and require key to open. Inside always free.
      • Classroom
        • Can be locked and unlocked by outside key. Inside always free.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 6 reviews
    Matthew ryan
    Nuk3y door handle

    It's not hard to disassemble. Just read the directions, easy.This commerical handle is a monster. The inside plates that "dig" into the door to keep it from turning...I'll say after I installed it you'll not alter or abuse it.You'd have to have a sledge hammer and the way it's made, wow. You'd rip the metal on the door or smash out the deadbolt before that handle gives way. My next garage door is getting a Nuk3y handle 100%

    Built like a tank priced like a bike.

    As solidly built as the ones that cost four times as much. It was installed in commercial equipment storage room so it will not get high usage, but for the price it was a no brainer to get this commercial model.

    Bob Feeser
    Serious commercial duty lever locket in Satin Chrome

    Before you even open the box, you realize this thing is a serious commercial grade level piece of equipment. The box is way heavier than any other lockset I have ever tried. The finish on it is superb as well. Unlike one other person this one the keys work fine. As soon as someone walks up to the door there is an instant realization that this is no Mickey Mouse door lever. Thick, solid, substantial are adequate keywords here, and that is coming from someone who has Baldwin solid brass, and Schlage door locks in the house. I can't believe that something this beefy is selling for such a moderate price; considering upper-level lock options. I can't recommend it enough. Take your time installing it. Slow but sure wins the race.

    Sturdy, durable and easy to install!

    I do like that this Nuk3y Azure grade 2 lockset was pretty easy to install on our new store door by following the simple step by step instructions outlined in the manual. I also like the design and the styling of this turn/ push- button locking free wheeling lever and the handles, as they are user- friendly and easy to use to open and close the door. I do like the nice- looking satin chrome finish color and the quality of the lever. My favorite features are the push-button locking and how it locks the outside lever, and how the turn button can open the lock with the key from outside. I do like that it comes with 2 latches and a sturdy clutch trim. We have been using it for the last few days and so far, so good, and it seems to be durable and reliable.

    Not great, but not terrible

    This is decent for commercial use, however, it was very complicated to put together and the directions were lacking, to say the least. It was also difficult to get tight in the door opening. It tended to wiggle around a bit more than I would like, especially for all of the use it gets. Overall, it's OK, but not as good as the others we have.

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