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Tap Magic 20016A Aluminum Cutting Fluid With Spout Top, 16 oz

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    • Use for any and all cutting operations on aluminum
    • Yields a beautiful micro-fine finish
    • Ozone-friendly and completely free of 1,1,1 trichloroethane
    • Dissipates heat rapidly and provides closer tolerances
    • Also highly effective on magnesium and other nonferrous metals

    Customer Reviews

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    Cheap, VERY Effective

    This stuff is awesome. I was just using 3 in 1 oil until I saw a video by Project Farm on youtube. I've mentioned him in other reviews because he does VERY thorough, straight to the point testing on all sorts of tools and workshop products. This was the best overall in drill cutting and price. Ive used it to drill multiple holes with a 5/16th drill, and tapped them in both 3/4 and 1/2 mild steel with only a gold oxide drills and that sucker kept on chewing through. I previously burned one up on just 1/4 mild steel so I'd say this is working very well. This is now my go to.

    Thomas Morin
    Works great

    Works great

    Good stuff

    what I needed

    S. Rodriguez
    Pays for itself.

    Pays for itself. I think so and here is why. Been drilling metal, mostly steel, all my life. I have worn out tons of drill bits over time and I am only a hobbyist. On current project drilling a small set of drill bit sizes over and over for a year now I still get good performance from the select bit sizes I frequently use. 1/8" pilot comes to mind as I use than on everything to get started. Yep still on same bit. I decided to use an old 4oz can I save for tapping this past year on drill bits. This greatly improved drilling performance and as noted extended drill bit life. Like the results with drill bits so much, I started to apply to metal cutting bandsaw, steel cutting chop saw, etc. This is why I purchased the 16oz size of Tap Magic. I pour it in four squeezable oil bottles with needle type tip and keep one at every cutting station.

    Good cutting fluid

    This stuff works great as a cutting fluid on steel and other metals. For aluminum good old WD-40 works great too.

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