Nuk3y Bifold Sliding Barn Door Hardware Kit

  • $139.99

    • HARDWARE ONLY - top mounted sliding bi-fold barn door hardware kit. Does NOT include DOOR panels.
    • TRACK SIZE :
      • 38-3/16" to fit door leaf from 17-13/16"~18" ; Door Thickness 1-3/8"~1-3/4"
      • 51-5/8" to fit door leaf from 11-13/16"~12"; Door Thickness 1-3/8" ~ 1-3/4"
      • 75-5/8" to fit door leaf from 17-13/16"~18" ; Door Thickness 1-3/8"~1-3/4"
    • HEIGHT from top of the door to the top of the roller is 6-3/16"
    • GAP between door and wall : Door closed:1"~1 3/16";Door opened:1/4"~3/8"

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 4 reviews
    Works great, Holds the door well

    I installed this in my barn to hold my Barn door (no pun intended) to my back storage room. The door came with a track but we used this track instead because the original track will be used with a second door now. I had this track assembled before we had the other door. Overall it works right and has no issues even in the more humid barn!

    Exactly what I needed to make this closet door more functional.

    Instructions could be a little better, but overall not too hard to install.

    Great option to add a door in hallway or an open frame

    I got this because we have an opening in our bedroom that opens up to our bathroom. Although we like the openness of it, we don't like the idea that the bathroom is always exposed to the bedroom, along with all the associated odors. This helps us solve that issue and is recommended specifically if you DON't have the space at the sides for a typical barn door setup.Our issue with finishing the installation has been finding bi-fold doors that don't look like closet doors; as a temporary installation, we installed some thrift store finds, but we are on the lookout for some bifold doors that look a little bit more classy.Hence my warning with this kit, make sure you have the doors you want and like to install identified before getting this kit if you don't want it looking like a closet entrance. No fault with this kit, 5 stars.

    Unique and space saving!!!

    If you want a barn door, there must be enough space (equal to or larger than the door opening) on the left or right of a door opening to accommodate a common/typical sliding barn door. Another common downside of having a typical sliding barn door is that wall switches or wall outlets may be blocked when a sliding barn door is in an open position.This unique barn door hardware kit gives you the barn door look, but without the above two issues. It's bi-fold action means it does not need a large space on the left/right, and it does not block a switch/outlet on a wall.But, there is no free lunch. You pay for these two unique benefits with a more complicated installation and assembly process. I've already installed 4 typical sliding barn doors in my house. I'd say this bi-fold barn door is probably 50% to 100% more complicated to install/assemble.The hardware included are of excellent quality. Instruction is adequate but not the best. So, if you've never installed a barn door before, you may need to educate yourself more before installing/assembling this more complicated barn door hardware kit.

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