FastCap Knuckle Bender 3 in 1 simple door adjuster

  • $24.99
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  • Fastcap 3 in 1 - Bend, remove, and align standard residential hinges.

    The Knuckle Bender is designed by a carpenter and allows you to quickly adjust any sagging door. The Knuckle Bender is adjustable to any size hinge, so making an adjustment is fast, simple and accurate every time. The built-in hinge pin remover allows you quickly remove any hinge pin.

    Customer Reviews

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    Great product

    Researched this wrench a lot before I bought it. Cant be happier works like a charm. This sellers pricing was excellent.

    James Wiese
    Useful, but a little pricey!

    I liked the door pin push rod on the bottom of the handle, but found the tool just a bit better than a adjustable wrench. The tool I found, also, to be a bit pricey for what it did and in some cases marked up the trim as much as a adjustable wrench.

    Carl R
    Great for Minor Adjustments

    Over the past couple of years, two of my doors have started to rub on the doorframe. After tightening the hinge screws, it took me about 10 minutes to realign the hinges to pull the door up where it should be. Just wonderful.

    Huge time saver

    Sagging front door. Did the lazy "drill the catch hole larger" hack. Worked for a while, but eventually a five year old putting her weight on the door handles and Christmas wreaths clogging the door jams got it to a point where I needed to address the sag. I was skeptical, but figured I could always return it if I really needed to replace the latches and deal with realigning everything. But it worked. Not as well as taking the door down, replacing the hinges, and dealing with realigning everything. But still, it worked. At $22, the price is a bit steep for a single purpose tool. And if the pin remover was separate, that would have made removal easier - as it is, it's just added complexity and likely production cost. But if you value time over money, this will let you fix a sagging door in minutes and get back to watching the game versus spending all day dealing with the not fun task of replacing hinges.

    Joel Reese
    Excellent tool

    I am a maintenance tech for an apartment complex. This tool makes adjusting door hinges for that perfect fit a quick, easy task.

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