HardwarexSupply 2" Nylon Sealed Garage Door Rollers, 6200ZZ Ball Bearing

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    • UPGRADED- Reinforce 6200ZZ bearing for high performance durability.
    • SEALED - Clear cap provide additional protection to the 6200ZZ preventing dust and grime to penetrate the bearing.
    • NYLON – 2” Nylon roller to provide smooth and ultra quiet operation.
    • SIZE - Roller diameter 1.75" for 2" track. 4" inch length stem.
    • TESTED - Roller specified to perform up to 100,000 cycles at 160Lbs load test.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 75 reviews
    Simon Drew
    Smooth and quiet operation!

    Great replacement product for aging rollers. Easy to fit, very smooth and quiet operation, plus being sealed definitely will help to keep dust and other particles out. I would recommend these for a terrific upgrade.

    The Newokie59
    Good replacement for noisy old steel rollers

    The rollers are very well assembled. The bearing is sealed from dirt with a cap/seal. The bearings run true and very smooth. Swapping them out was easy and took all of about 45 minutes. I am waiting on some more parts to complete the garage door rebuild. Once I am done I will return and post an update on the performance and (hopefully) less noise when operating the door.

    Tool Maker
    The rollers have smooth bearings.

    The nylon roller are made out if good quality material.

    Does the job.

    Appear to be well made, fit my garage door and do the job they were intended to do.

    Richard Perkins
    Product took care of problem

    Like others, my garage door creaked and popped and sounded like it was going to break at anytime. I lubed up the hinges and cleaned the track to no avail. Bought and replaced the old rollers with these new ones and wow, just rolling sounds, no creaks or squeaks. Was impressed with the quality of the rollers compared to the ones I replaced. I believe these will last a long time. The vendor shipped them quicker than expected, and that allowed me to replace the old ones sooner. I would recommend this product and the vendor who supplied them. Be sure to watch a replacement video, it helped me replace them with little drama.

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