How to Install Towel Ring In 5 Easy Steps

To install your ideal towel ring that will compliment your bathroom, follow these simple 5-step directions.


Required Tools

Hammer Mounting Hardware (Bracket, Anchors, & Screws)
Drill & Bits Level
Pencil Towel Ring


STEP 1: Determine Towel Ring Placement

Towel rings are often installed next to or near a sink, approximately 50 to 52 inches from the ground or 20 inches above the counter. When positioning the mounting bracket over the chosen installation location, use a tiny level to ensure that it remains straight. If there isn't a stud, you'll have to drill and insert wall anchors.

TIP: If your bathroom is intended for children, consider lowering the towel ring around 36 inches from the ground, unless you choose to have them use a step stool.

STEP 2: Mark Your Drill Holes

Use the mounting bracket as a guide to mark the areas you’ll drill. If you aren’t installing the towel ring into a stud, you’ll need to use drywall anchors. These plastic anchors are generally includes in bath accessory sets along with the appropriate screws.

TIP: Our towel ring selections comes with mounting hardware (bracket, anchors, and screws) for easy  quick and easy installation.

STEP 3: Drill Anchor Holes And Install Drywall Anchors (If You're Installing Into A Studs, Skip This Step)

After you've leveled the brackets and marked the locations, it's time to pre-drill the anchor holes. Use a drill bit that is just wide and deep enough to fit the anchors. Insert your drywall anchors into the holes after drilling and softly tap them into place with a small hammer. The anchors will sit flush with the wall and have a snug fit.

STEP 4: Install Mounting Bracket

Use the provided screws to secure the mounting bracket to the wall after aligning it with the anchors.

STEP 5: Attach The Towel Ring To The Mounting Bracket And Secure It.

From the top, latch the towel ring onto the mounting bracket. The notches on the inside of the ring's base should be centered. Take one last check before securing the towel ring to make sure it's level. Tighten the set screw on the towel ring with the allen key or a tiny screwdriver.

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