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Seam-Fil 1 Oz Tube

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    Really works!

    Wow. I forgot to do a before and after of the first set, but found one more. I had small gouges in my counter top from knives slipping over the years. They have bothered me for years. The almond color was a perfect match and this was the easiest thing ever. Bought acetone from Walmart, tested on a corner just in case. Spread a small drop of the tube in paper, used a putty knife to scrap into indents, and wiped up with acetone. My counter looks like new. I can't even find where the holes were. I do have some even tinier holes that it wasn't able to fill, just wiped right off, but they're super tiny. All together, less than $20. Way cheaper than a new counter top. Shipping was fast, came a week earlier than projected. The filing did dry really fast, seems like within 1 minute. Highly recommend.

    Amazon Customer
    Good product. Save money with fingernail polish remove for the solvent.

    Seamfil is a very good product. The product fills the gaps well and looks very good. For my counter a slight more gloss would be great. I told my wife to find the repair. She missed it three times. I used it for a middle size gouge, a large area and yes small scratches. I am happy with the results. Why they say dont use it for scratches must be a CYA. It works. A couple of things. It dries fast. Use small amounts unless you have a large patch to fill. Second is Equate non acetone finger nail polish remover work as a good solvent for a 1/4 the price of their solvent.

    Works well for small chips!

    There were two chips/gouges in the edge of the formica. That happened when I installed the dishwasher, it bit into the edge of the formica. Lots of people said that I had to remove that entire edge and glue a new piece. Nope.. Seam-fil is the answer. I had to use it in stages, filling up the depth of the gouge/chip. Took two days but the results? No one can really tell it's there. Ok if you got there 1 inch away and looking with your eyes you'd see where it was a slightly different seam.. But who does that?! It's fixed now and been that way for about a year.. Yes I waited to leave a review, it's the real deal.. I just warn you, make sure you have LOTS of ventilation around your work area! It is worse than nail polish remover.. . Had the windows open and a high velocity fan going! But the results are awesome!

    Good stuff but you need to practice

    Works good for cracks. I tried to use it for a chip on the side of a table top. Not so easy there. But then I don't really know what I'm doing.

    Brittany G.
    Works great!

    Work quickly because it dries really quickly. I used two colors together to get the correct color for my laminate. You cant see any dings now! Works great!

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