Fletcher Wireless Hanging System

  • $10.99

    • MAKES HANGING FAST & EASY: Our Picture Perfect Hanging System can help make your blank walls into a beautiful display of art. With this kit, you can hang framed art pieces, canvas prints, wall decor, and even mirrors up to 50 lbs. flush against the wall. Create a beautiful wall gallery of art or pictures in your home or office with this easy-to-install, high-quality hanging kit!
    • ENHANCES WALL ART APPEARANCE: Get that high-quality art gallery appearance in your home and office without extra work or effort. This hanging system can provide you with secure mounting for all your favorite pieces, making them appear as if they are floating slightly off the wall rather than hanging loosely at a slight angle that can make pieces look uneven and unsafe.
    • INSTALL LIKE A PROFESSIONAL: Our Picture Perfect Hanging System is an all-in-one kit with all the hardware necessary to mount, level, and hang your favorite works of art or wall decor with ease. The only tools needed are a hammer and a screwdriver.
    • AVAILABLE IN SEVERAL PACKAGE SIZES: Depending on the job, we offer our Picture-Perfect system in a number of sizes, including 2-, 5-, and 10-piece packs, plus 25- and 100-piece packs for even larger jobs. This way you can buy what you need today but also have extra supplies for future hanging jobs.
    • FLETCHER-TERRY: We believe in providing professional, high-quality hanging products that are easy to install, hang level, and can stay secure no matter where you put them. We are passionate about consumer-valued hanging products that enhance your home and office decor while making them look as if they were installed by a professional decor expert.

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