Fastcap Zero Clearance Tape 2" x 16" strips 5pc

  • $11.92
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    • Universal Fit - 2" x 16" strips
    • Eliminates chipped boards
    • Line up marked boards with the exact blade edge
    • Includes 5 Strips
    • Made in USA

    Zero Clearance Tape brings a whole new level of precision to your miter saw. Simply apply over the throat of your saw to eliminate chip out and create an exact reference for line up. Made from durable PVC, they will last for many jobs.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 64 reviews
    Kim Kinser
    No-brainer way to improve quality of cut.

    Used on compound miter saw to provide zero clearance when working on melamine covered particle board. Really improved the cut quality. Using this along with a quality melamine blade produced outstanding results with insignificant chip outs. Easy to implement and use. Much easier And more cost effective than making my own inserts. Also makes it easier to line up cuts since you now will see exactly where your blade is cutting.

    Shawn Richard
    Nice line up assistant

    Very sticky. Works as advertised.

    D. Tidwell
    Almost awesome

    Great concept. The only real problem I ran into (which was a show-stopper) is the thickness of the tape. The thickness of the tape is thick enough (1/16"-ish) that it will distort the cut. To avoid this, I had to use 2 other pieces of the tape to create a 3-point system (1 at the blade, and 1 and each end of my saw table) to mitigate the slight tilt created by the thickness of the tape at the blade. If I'm going to have to use 3 pieces of tape to configure what should ostensibly be a temporary zero-clearance plate, I may as well just buy/make a zero-clearance place - which is what I was trying to avoid in the first place. If the tape thickness isn't a problem for you, then I found the tape to have good durability and flexibility. The adhesive had good tack without being over aggressive.

    Roger H
    FastCap Zero Clearance Tape,

    Bought this for use on my miter saw. It sticks on great. After my first cut I just line up the board where it needs to b cut and end up with the correct lenght.

    Mark K.
    These look good

    Amazon wants an endorsement. I can't see dinging the manufacturer or vendor when I haven't yet used the product. So what can I truthfully say? They look good.

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