Dayton Audio UMM-6 USB Measurement Microphone

  • $93.99

    • Precision condenser microphone for critical measurement and recording applications
    • Connects to your PC or Mac via USB port
    • True omnidirectional pattern and calibrated flat frequency response
    • Rugged construction with high-quality components
    • Compact design; includes sturdy carrying case with foam insert

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 4 reviews
    Funciona perfecto con el DSP HELIX

    Tenia mis dudas para comprarlo pero al final me decidi y funciona excelente. Lo utilizo con el DSP Helix la computadora lo detecto sin problemas y las mediciones que hace son bastante precisas. No es un microfono profesional pero si eres un aficionado te puede funcionar muy bien y te ahorras una lana.

    Perfect Companion For Room EQ Wizard

    This was cheaper than the competitor Umik-1 so I went with this instead. No complaints, easy to get the calibration file and worked seamlessly with REW for doing measurements on my home theatre system.

    Matt MMatt M
    Consistant reasonably accurate readings!

    Got this after a disappointing result with the iMM-6 model in hopes that the USB interface would eliminate the inaccurate inconsistent results - and I wasn't disappointed! I've attached a comparison of this UMM-6 with the other iMM-6 Dayton Audio measurement mic I initially tried - all 4 samples were standing in my fairly-quiet home office with a fan running in the next room and the appropriate calibration-file loaded for the serial-number microphone I had connected. Its unscientific, but shows the good device-independent consistency of the USB model vs the other.I use a USB-C to USB-A adapter to connect this to my tablet or smartphone, and the Android app AudioTool which seems to support the calibration files and provide easy to use readouts without noise of a PC fan to worry about affecting measurements.The tripod is REALLY hard to get on/off, I had to remove the rubber O-ring from the front to slide it on, but otherwise this seems very good. After loading the calibration data from the DaytonAudio website, it looks like it is providing an accurate representation of noise levels across the spectrum. I've also found it gives consistent readings across multiple devices which is reassuring for a measurement device.Its also VERY sensitive - when I attempted to see how quiet I could get it to read as I turned off fans, HVAC, holding my breath trying to not rustle my clothes I reached a point where even the florescent light subtle hum would slightly register at the low end of the scale barely above zero.

    Barry in Kingston, ON
    On first impression, the mic seems well-built.

    Less expensive than the Umik calibration mic, the Dayton mic seems to offer better value. Nice, hefty metal barrel. The mic sounds sweet and natural when capturing voice. I like the tiny blue power light on the barrel-base that gets activated when USB power is provided. The mic clip is too small for the barrel.

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