Nuk3y Extended Lip Door Strike Plate

  • $8.49

    • SIZE : Available in 2" x 2.25" , 2.25" x 2.25" , 2.50" x 2.25" 
    • FINISH available in satin nickel and oil rubbed bronze
    • EASY to install with just a screw driver require.
    • HARDWARE include wood screws.
    • NOTE please look at spec drawing before ordering for the correct size.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 40 reviews
    Lori S.
    It fits perfectly

    I really needed it as my casing is too close to my door frame and it fits and is doing what I need it to do but I feel the cost was really high.

    Michael G.
    When you need one

    When you need one this will work but they are expensive, not just here but everywhere expensive.

    Daniel C. Iott
    Good quality

    It worked fine

    Michael Butterfield
    Its what it advertised, but....

    Its a standard household door plate; extended as advertised. However, for the price, it is really flimsy. Ok, it will work, but its really just cheap stamped metal. Probably costs pennies to make.But, if you need it then go ahead and buy it. Generally the shape in uniform and it will do the job. I just feel its overpriced.

    J. Baker

    Literally. Manufacturer punched these out on a worn die and all of the edges were like razors. You'll need grinding wheel to smooth the edges or a nice sharp file. Other than that work as it should. The original house builders didn't hang the door quite right and it had a gap on the latch side that wouldn't seal even with new T slot material. Bought two of these and stacked them without modification, no issues getting a nice flush screw head.

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